Why I started to Code: My #100DaysOfCode story

Everything started this summer, I had started to look for a new job, but there weren’t any interesting offers coming, and the ones I had weren’t hopeful at all. But on day I received a phone call from Dublín, a company was looking for people to work in Lisbon, which is far away home, but I speak English, and Spanish so learning Portuguese wouldn’t be a big deal. 

This company was related Google Ads and Youtube, revising content and making sure that was reliable and didn’t violate any of the rules. It was perfect! They were going to pay me for watching Youtube videos, which I do for free. I totally agreed with the salary and benefits which were looked nice. Then I started to look for a flat to rent at Lisbon, in case I would have been hired. The prices were extremely high considering the salary I was going to get paid, so I had to quit the process. 

In that moment, I had some kind of vision and I realized that I wanted to work in that world . I’ve been doing it for fun since always. I designed my first web page with Front Page almost 16 years ago when I was a teen. I spent my weekends with Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects. Years ago I built my own San Andreas MP server from scratch programmed in C++, just for fun. I’ve been designing basic websites for the servers I’ve played in for the past 10 years. 


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