Why I started to Code: My #100DaysOfCode story

It has been only around 100 days but It looks like I’ve been learning for a year. I have invested the past 3 months in coding. About 4 hours per day, I sit here, and I try to build stuff from scratch only with a little help of my FreeCodeCamp friends and, of course, Youtube. 

This coding process started on October 2019, when I signed up for a Full Stack Web Course (which I’m still paying), that it was supposed to take me 6 months to accomplish, but in less than 60 days I completed it with a 7,7 over 10 qualification. I learnt the basics of HTML5, CSS, a little bit of JS, PHP language and database management with Oracle and MySQL. It was short but intense, but that wasn’t enough for me as I have big plans in the long term. So I started to surf all over the internet for days until I found the Valhalla of coding: Free Code Camp. I was stunned because that site was giving for free (please donate) lessons that costs hundreds of bucks and also they certify you once you have completed all the challenges in the course. 

The first course I took was the JavaScript Certification because the course I’ve done didn’t go deep in JS as much as I wanted. I’m still working to get my JS certification, but I take it slow as I want to understand all the details and make sure that I don’t miss anything. I focused on HTML and CSS so I had to put aside the JS course (temporarily), and I started with the Responsive Web Design Certification which I completed satisfactorily in a few weeks.

Actually, I am with the Front End Libraries Certification. It is impressive the amazing websites we can build with a few lines of code. Although Bootstrap and Sass are really interesting, I’m totally in love with CSS grid and flexbox which allow us to design awesome web interfaces easily. And if you add jQuery and Vanilla JS to these, you can build dreams from scratch!


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