Why I started to Code: My #100DaysOfCode story

I’ve been looking for my path in life forever and I’ve found it in coding. I want to keep learning and improving my designing skills. I don’t  have a portfolio yet, as I have so many projects in my mind that I won’t show my skills until I have designed them all. I don’t know how long it will take me to find a job as Front End Developer, but there is something I know for sure: FreeCodeCamp has changed my life, and although I am only at the beginning of the process I am driven enough to keep working hard until I achieve the goals I have set for me. 

Also, I am impressed by the coding community. It is incredible how they help you and the support that more experts programmers give to those who, like me, are new into this amazing universe. I am so thankful to them for inspiring me and sharing their thoughts, experiences and knowledge with everyone who is interested and willing to learn about code. 

Finally, I’ve realized about something that you may agree or not with me, but this has been surfing in my mind for the past days: Just like the best linguists aren’t the best novelists, poets or playwrights; the best front end developers aren’t those who know more about code. Programming is like poetry, once you know the language, everything else is about creativity. So I highly recommend you to look for inspiration in other arts and don’t get too much obsessed with coding. We are learning new languages, and it takes some time to get everything to work in our minds. The best advice I can give you from the little experience is that if you feel stuck or frustrated with a challenge or a project, just leave it for a few hours: have a walk, play the guitar, hit the heavy bag or just listen to music. If you work hard something in your mind will suddenly “click” and you will be able to solve it.

Happy Coding!


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